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the tavern

Quality is the essence of life

Arredo veranda vespina Firenze

The Osteria il Giardino di Barbano  was born from the idea of creating a place where thequality.

From the location with attention to the smallest details, al friendly service but extremely professional up to the proposal of the dishes, of our pizzas cooked in thewood oven And at the wine list.

the kitchen

 The kitchen is captained byChef Pasquale Lauria which proposesdishesrelated totraditionbut with that pinch of innovation that makes themunique.


Thereraw material and ofvery high quality starting fromcured meatcraft to the queen ofmeats, theFlorentine steak

chef a firenze

the pizzeria

From thewood oven ours come outpizzas fragrant and with products ofvery high quality.


Long leavening, little yeast,maximum digestibility, also available withgluten-free dough

pizza a firenze

About us...


Magic and elegance. The restaurant, which already pays off due to its central location, is elegant and refined right from the entrance. The verdant external portion enhances its qualities even more. The cuisine is refined and traditional at the same time. The efficient and friendly staff enhances and finally completes an evening that we will not forget.


Excellent performance for moças!!! Note dez em tudo. Qualidade absurda from pizza. A melhor que comi em Florença. Lots of variety of flavours. Worthy of note 10! Parabéns aos envolvidos.


Romantic and trendy atmosphere. Friendly and prepared staff.
Excellent typical cuisine reworked in a modern key.

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